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  • August 21, 2022

What are drones for?

What are drones for?

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Drones are practically used in diverse areas and fields to contribute the life and work itself.  Below are just some very prominent ones: 

• Climate Watch & Control
• Agriculture
• Aerial Seeding
• Urgent Medical Delivery
• Disaster Support
• Wildlife Protection
• Gas & Oil Security

• Cartography
• Archaeological Studies
• 3D Modeling
• Water Resource Management
• Safety Assessment
• Power Line Stringing

• Erosion Monitoring
• Logistics & SCM
• Volumetric Analysis of Stockpiles
• Maintenance
• Solar Panel Health Check
• Wind Turbine Inspection


• Unmanned Agricultural Drones are helping with agricultural production, crop growth monitoring, and agriculture operations optimization. Agricultural drones are processing data whch support to take appropriate action, whenever needed.

• The Aerial Seeding Drones is a great way to increase plant production and reduce environmental damage. Using drones to seed crops has many benefits. It is one tool among many for farmers around the globe, who are utilizing aerial drones to help care for their crops. These drones are incredibly simple to use and will help seed an area with crop rotation without the use of a plough. The devices are small enough to attach to a tractor and are used via remote control to direct seed spread.

• Mapping Drones use video surveillance drones that can assess the degree of a damage and transmit real-time data to ground personnel. Drones map disaster zones for more cost savings and faster reaction times, and they can be immediately deployed to coordinate rescue efforts.

• Chimneys and stacks are still an important feature of any building or industrial process. Drone cameras can photograph cracks, weld failures, and loose mortar. The new age inspection projects use designed robotics to meet the compliance objectives of process industry asset owners. Drones follow the
pilot’s instructions using GPS and location sensors.

• The (Garuda aerospace) Surya Drone is capable of cleaning solar panels. It uses only 100 ml of water, whereas traditional manual methods require 4 litres or more for the same making solar power plant maintenance more sustainable and easier.

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