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  • August 23, 2022

New Skills: Technopreneurship & Sustainability

New Skills: Technopreneurship & Sustainability

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The innovative structure of the WEF’s Higher Education 4.0 concept delivers an interface which makes a perfect starting point for Dual Education.

Especially in German-speaking countries the direct combination of (higher) vocational education and training plus higher education at the same time has become a favourite with industries and students. It is not that graduates are flawed in academic terms, they are enriched and empowered instead. They are the ones who do not only know, but can also do. They start their full professional life with integrated, hence synergistic professional experience.

That is the reason why a permanently increasing number of businesses are entering partnerships with universities and recruit school leavers for an apprenticeship in combination with studies. Everybody wins. The student earns money while studying, the employer gets excellent staff, the university extremely committed students. Demands are tough: studying + apprenticeship at the same time, and within the same period of studies. The reward is outstanding. Immediate job, and very often much better career chances and higher salaries.

This model the drone school adopts:
• Learn to fly, operate, and apply drones effectively and efficiently;
• Learn in vocational form what is essential for flight operations, maintenance, applications, and use;
• Study essential additional subjects, which are allowing to enter management, research and development, or to be an entrepreneur or technopreneur in the drone industry.

That is what the Harare International Drone School has in mind and supports. Drones are one innovative step to shape the future. It is also one, whose full potential is not discovered yet. For innovative, entrepreneurial, and/or curious spirits, this is one way to meet the expression that “the best way into the future is to shape it”

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