Please make sure that your abstract follows these guidelines

You will probably wish to prepare some PowerPoint slides, although not compulsory, to support your presentation.
  • Prepare your slides as a PowerPoint file or any other presentation software.
  • It would better to have your presentation printed out in PDF and bring them with you to the conference. 
  • You will need to load your presentation onto the computer before your stream, to facilitate a smooth transition between speakers and listeners. 
  • We recommend that you also bring your presentation on a data stick [External Disk, Flash Disk] or other portable memory device. 
  • The time allocated for a presentation is 10 minutes, with a further 5 minutes allowed for discussion on methodology, findings or implications regarding the research. A regular presentation usually lasts for about 15 minutes overall. 
  • While using PowerPoint slides for your presentation, it is advisable that you start with a ‘Title Slide’ – Name, Title and what the presentation will be about you have 2 or 3 slides covering your methodology and research plan you do not put too much text on a slide – you want the audience to listen to you and not to be reading your slides! It is generally distracting to the audience to have too many slides in a short presentation.

After you realize and finish your presentation during plenary sessions at the Conferences, the moderator (Session Chair) will present your certificates.

Wish you have a great time and enjoy ECLSS Conferences.