Submissions from the same/similar disciplines will be submitted to Cambridge Scholar Publishing (UK) to be reviewed for an edited book publication. All chapters should be written in English only.

Please read the following instructions before you submit your book chapters. When you are ready, you can follow guidelines to check the overall layout of the chapters.


As an English publisher marketing mainly in this area, where possible, Cambridge Scholar Publishing prefers papers to be in English. However,multilingual texts (at least 50% should be in English) are also possible.

All authors have the manuscript officially proofread by native speakers of the papers language and their report/s should be submitted as well.

Please do ensure that the proposal is entirely in English.

Proposal Requirements

* A brief description of the book (including the type of academic readership it would appeal to)

* A Table of Contents

* An indication of length (preferably a rough word count – minimum is 35,000 words)

* An estimate of the number of photographs to be included (if applicable)

* Editor’s CV (for each editor)

* Two sample chapter ** (if a sample chapter is not available chapter abstracts are necessary before we can begin reviewing your proposal)

The purpose and importance of each study should be clearly stated. Information that will enable the readers have a clear idea about which question/s are sought answers in the study and why this research is necessary/important should be provided. The methodology utilized should be clearly stated. Submission should include information regarding basic approaches used for research, sample and population, data collection methods and why this/these data collection tools were preferred. Findings achieved as a result of data analysis or results in the conceptual studies should be discussed in relation with the literature, an overall assessment should be done on the causes of these similarities or differences. For researches which have not reached any findings/results yet, the expected or estimated results and discussion of these results should be included in the submissions.

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