Daugavpils University hosts ECLSS 2019c!

The plenary sessions will be organized in the auditoria in Daugavpils University. Above are some pictures from the auditoria in the University.

Here is the relevant info:

Dagavpils University offers to achieve knowledge in 5 faculties and 53 study programmes. Main research disciplines of DU scientists are Literary Science, Linguistics, History, Biology, Environmental sciences, Physics, Economy, Sociology, Psychology, Education and Art.

DU has an advantage to be located in multicultural environment. We cooperate with various institutions worldwide. Students of Daugavpils University have many opportunities to study and practise abroad, getting an extra experience and a new view on knowledge received in Daugavpils University.Students can use Erasmus + mobility options to study for one or two semesters at one of the European partner universities of Daugavpils University. Students are able to receive Else Marie Tschermak foundation’s funding to study or participate in different activities of high importance abroad.

You can use the GoogleMap, if you may need help for the address.

Daugavpils Universitāte

Vienības iela 13, Daugavpils

Latvija, LV – 5401

Tālr: 65422180