Some useful guidelines and/or recommendations for a good and appropriate abstract submission...

Please read the following instructions before you submit your abstract.

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– Researchers may participate into conference by submitting papers (oral presentations or posters) or as listeners.

– For oral presentation, researchers should submit an extended abstract of 3 or 4 pages, plus a References section.

    An Abstract should be of 350 – 400 words, which introduces the topic and its objectives.

    Introduction: An overal introduction paragraph is required to emphasize its significance to the literature.

    Methodology: Research Methodolgy (Design, sample / working group, or data collection)  should be clarified.

    Findings  / Discussion

    Conclusions / Recommendations

    References: Please use APA 6 for references section. 

– Extended abstracts should also include author’s / authors’ full name/s, affiliation/s and contact information.

– Submissions should be original papers and be able to contribute to the literature.

– In order to be admitted, submitted papers should not be previously available elsewhere, or yet be submitted for review orpublication.

– Extended Abstracts will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee in terms of format and suitability to the subject of the conference. After this evaluation, submissions will be sent to the reviewers who constitute the Scientific Board. Accepted submissions will be announced after the evaluation of the reviewers’ report deemed appropriate to be presented at the conference.



Page Layout: Page margins should be arranged to be 2.5 cm from the left, bottom, top and right sides.
Font: Times New Roman 12pt should be preferred, text should be justified and typed using 1.5 line spacing.
Title: Times New Roman 14 pt, all letters capitalized, bold and centered to the document.
Author / authors’ names: Times New Roman 12 pt, each word capitalized, centered to the document. Corresponding author should be notified using a footnote.
Author / Authors’ Affiliations: Times New Roman 12 pt, each word capitalized, centered to the document.


The purpose and importance of the study should be clearly stated. Information that will enable the readers have a clear idea about which question/s are sought answers in the study and why this research is necessary/important should be provided. The methodology utilized should be clearly stated. Submission should include information regarding basic approaches used for research, sample and population, data collection methods and why this/these data collection tools were preferred. Findings achieved as a result of data analysis or results in the conceptual studies should be discussed in relation with the literature, an overall assessment should be done on the causes of these similarities or differences. For researches which have not reached any findings/results yet, the expected or estimated results and discussion of these results should be included in the submissions.

NOTE: In abstracts for researches which have not finished data collection/assessment process yet, researchers may included statements expressing future tense such as “Data collection / assessment process of the research has not been completed yet. Results and discussion will be shared in the presentation sessions.”

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